About me

About me


You’ve stumbled upon this site, and maybe you don’t know what to expect, and that’s all fine, really. I’m Allan Eising, I’m a Norway based creature of the Homo Sapiens species. A third of my everyday life, or possibly more, is centered about this thing called work, where I sell my skills for sustenance. I work as a Network Engineer, and I care deeply about many aspects of it. Particularly I care about network automation. Which really is a fancy way of taking all the work we do not really want to do, and having machines do it instead.

I realize that you may think that I do not particularly look like one of these nerdy types you may think of, when you think about network engineers, and that leads me to a second passion of mine: Menswear.

I also care deeply about quality clothing, and have a particular style which is more and more becoming entirely my style. I wish I had time to write about it, but I do not really have that at the moment. Instead you may have to be content with all the pictures I post of my various outfits on instagram, which are all copied over to my menswear blog.

Some day I will hopefully have time to write about it.

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